Geraniums, Hope and Empathy

Surprise geraniums
Surprise geraniums


Y’all see that pretty fuchsia pink geranium back 👆 there?  When we first moved to this house there was no sign of that geranium anywhere. The sprinklers had been shut off for months and the trees and grass and everything living were on their way to irrepairable damage.  One of the first things mum did after we moved in was repair the leaking outdoor pipes and turn on the watering system. Within a few weeks everything was starting to recover and look greener and even some trees we thought were dead started to show signs of life.  And then surprise! that geranium popped up and started to bloom.  It wasn’t until the next year that again by surprise another geranium, smaller, but also pink, popped up about 18 feet further down 👈 that way.



When we first saw this house it had been on the market for a month with no real interest.  The pool was green and swampy and most of the other potential buyers had not been able to get past the troubles they could clearly see. I’m sure that just the idea of all the work that it would take to make it beautiful must have seemed overwhelming!   But we were under a time constraint and a little desperate, and we could both “see it” in our minds eye how special and lovely it could be someday.  We could see beyond the neglect and dead grass that there were good bones here.

And with a little bit of hard work and love those bones got beautiful again! The pool was fixed and replastered, the fish pond was cleaned out and a few new plants and fish brought in, and the garden has responded so wonderfully well to mums love and care, and voila! the beauty is back!



I was thinking this evening that sometimes people are like our garden. Some lose hope, kindnesses towards them might become dried up, loss of friends and loved ones, and finding themselves alone in this world. And it seems that few people that come across them can “see” anything redeemable, or find them worth the effort. They are left behind, and forgotten.  But their Creator, their Heavenly Father, knows their value, he hears their prayers, sees their pain and saves their tears. (Ps 56:8)  He arranges to send some kind soul their way(2Chron 16:9), who “sees” with eyes of faith their potential and lifts them up, encourages them, gives loving kindness. And very soon that lost person starts to bloom, and with a little bit of revived confidence, new and unexpected beauty in them starts to appear.

Its my hope that if we keep our hearts and “eyes of faith” open, it might be that someday our empathy and reaching out in a loving way towards a lost soul, would give them hope and help them find life again too.💙💙💙 1John 3:17

Have fun and be good sweet freinds! Much Love,


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