Making Laundry Pretty Again – One Room Challenge Spring 2020 Week 2

Our beautiful York Wallpaper!

Hello friends!  We hope you’ve had a beautiful week!

Its week 2 of the One Room Challenge.  Much thanks to our host Linda Weinstein and to Better Homes and Gardens her media partner for this event! As always it’s an honor and a joy to be a guest participant in this bi annual event!

One Room Challenge

We did get a few things marked off the todo list, but this week has been just a little less productive than I hoped.  With a little push, by the weekend the cupboards in the hallway should be all done and we’ll  be moving into the laundry room at last!

Such a difference even the first coat of white paint makes!

We did have one unexpected wrinkle that came up. When I painted the counter in the hallway an old spill stain came up through the paint, so I tried a coat of polyurethane over the stain and hopefully that will seal it and keep it from coming through the second coat.

Hopefully a coat of polyurethane will seal this stain and keep it from coming through the second coat

This week I wanted to share some of the inspiration for this project and a few of the details that will be coming up soon!

Collage 2020-05-13 21_40_40The picture of the French Blue door at O Tradd St in Charleston SC is my inspiration photo.  I have fallen in love with the combination of mint green and french blue this year!  Finding this beautiful York chinoiserie wallpaper was the second step in the design process. I knew I wanted something very pretty that would elevate our tiny laundry room from meh to wow! And mum and I both fell in love with this pattern at first sight!  We’re keeping the other details classic and simple. New knobs, pulls and light plates in brushed nickel. Fresh white trim and just a few accessories to enhance the pretty factor.

Just to keep everything real, painting a room, and cupboards especially, is always a whole house job for us.  Our house is waiting to be dusted and laundry to be put away until the cupboards are all done. Paper ads are protectively covering the counters in the kitchen, a step ladder is waiting in the hallway, and there’s a plastic bag wrapped around the paint tray and brushes.  Our home is sort of stuck in time until the paint projects are done, so hopefully we can make that happen soon!

Thank you all so much for being here and following along with us!  Until next time, stay safe and well dear friends!  Much love from Mum and me, oxo

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