Making Laundry Pretty Again – One Room Challenge Spring 2020 Week 3

How pretty this little storage nook in the hallway is now!

Hello friends!

Its week 3 of the One Room Challenge.  Much thanks to our host Linda Weinstein and to Better Homes and Gardens her media partner for the One Room Challenge! I’m having so much fun as a guest participant!

One Room Challenge

It’s been a good week! I got all the painting done in the hallway and finalized my plans for the wallpaper in the laundry room.

Heres the hallway before and after.

What a bright beautiful difference!  The white paint reflects the light instead of swallowing it. It feels like the shadows have all been chased out!

Hallway after!

This week we went a little easy on projects.  Mum had cataract surgery on her left eye last Thursday so I just kept my hopes simple and didn’t try for too much. That kept stress low and lots of room for plenty of naps and healing.

Perfect spot for some fresh flowers and a candle. (flameless🔥 of course)

Next week my plan is to play with paint mixing. I’ve got a gallon of oops paint in a medium grey blue. It needs a little lightening and maybe a little tone tweaking to make it the perfect shade for the laundry room cabinets, and it should be fun to play with!

Can you imagine wallpaper and pretty light blue cabinets in here?

I decided that since the laundry room is so small and most of the wallpaper would get covered up by the washer and dryer, to just wallpaper from the bottom of the cabinet line up.  It’ll be a little higher than a chair rail, but I think with some nice trim it’ll be more interesting than full wall wallpaper would be in here. How about you? Can you imagine what’s about to happen in here?

Anywho, we’ll find out how the paint and wallpaper adventures come out soon! Next week we’ll be halfway to the reveal! Time sure is flying by!

Thank you all so much for being here! Until next time, please stay safe!

Much love from Mum and me, oxo

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