Making Laundry Pretty Again – One Room Challenge Spring 2020 Week 4

Mums beautiful garden loved the hot weather last week!

Hey there!

Well, I’m late posting this week.  And I wish I had all sorts of happy news of finished projects to tell y’all about, but I don’t.  The only thing we did was remove the cabinet doors in the laundryroom.  We had a heat wave come through our area, which seems to be the cause of a wild rollercoaster ride of vertigo, which also led to being lost in a few days of depression and feeling so overwhelmed that I began second guessing my choices for the laundry room!  In searching for help, I did find some beautiful inspiration.

Shabbyfufu’s beautiful laundryroom!

Shabbyfufu has the most beautiful laundryroom makeover! I just love her fresh white cabinets, gorgeous blue and white tiles and pretty gold hardware!

This is the new wallpaper I found.

So I went shopping on Amazon and found a wallpaper that to me, looks alot like her tile and I ordered it.  It arrived so fast!  But I haven’t opened it yet.

It seemed that I had a few directions I could go: A) Stick with the original plan. B) Go to white cabinets and the original wallpaper C) Just do an all white laundry room. D) White cabinets and order the new wallpaper I found that reminds me so much of Shabbyfufu’s tile.

I turned to my wonderful followers on Instagram for their thoughts and advice, and they came through for me with some great ideas and so much encouragement!  I’m so grateful for their friendship and for their kindness and wisdom!

Just wondering what your thoughts might be?  Do you have any advice or votes on which direction you think I should go?

Thankfully, the weather has cooled 20 degrees and I’m feeling so much better!  Although I’m still undecided about the direction in the laundryroom, I  did decide to take the weekend off from projects, regroup with mum, calm my thoughts and start fresh again on Monday!

So here’s to fresh starts and brand new weeks!

As always, so much thanks to our host Linda Weinstein and to Better Homes and Gardens her media partner for the One Room Challenge! I’m grateful and blessed to be able to play along as a guest participant!

One Room Challenge

Thank you friends for being here and following along on our decor adventures! Stay safe and I hope this week brings you peace and joy!

Much love from Mum and me, oxo

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