Making Laundry Pretty Again – One Room Challenge Spring 2020 Weeks 5 and 6

IMG_20200604_090501_739Hello friends!

The One Room Challenge was paused last week, week 5, to help focus attention on the issues of injustice and discrimination that have gone on for too long in this world.

The past few weeks have been beyond hard for us. Watching a man so cruelly and thoughtlessly, murdered by the people who should have been protecting him was so disturbing to me! I felt so much anger and hopelessness knowing that these issues come from the hearts of humans in ways that I have never understood.

And even though there has been a clear single  message sent up by more voices than I’ve ever seen before, the brutality continues, just with a different excuse for their entitlement of abuse.  But this time the whole world really is watching and demanding justice! So my voice goes with them and I pray that justice be done! That comfort and peace be given to heavy minds and hearts, and that good will triumph over the evil!

Truthfully I was so grateful for the break in posting the blog last week.  My mind hasn’t really been able to focus on decor and decision making. But I did find what I think will be the perfect wallpaper for our tiny laundryroom.  And I decided to go with, fresh, bright, white cupboards and walls!

The only actual work that has been done on the laundryroom, is that the cupboard doors have been taken down.

Laundryroom before!

There are still 2 weeks to go before the big reveal and Mum and I were talking this morning about getting the laundryroom done and back together. We have a plan and I think if I can really focus and concentrate on it, we can have most of the projects completed by next week!

Here’s a preview of the new wallpaper.

Our new wallpaper for the laundryroom.

To be completely truthful, mum and I both fell in love with the chinoisse wallpaper we had originally purposed for this project.

The beautiful York Chinoise Wallpaper.

It’s a truly beautiful, large pattern and the closer we got to using it, I just didn’t  think that our tiny laundryroom would be able to do it proud.  So I decided that I’d really like to see it in our entryway instead!  Which then led to a crisis of which direction to go.

The wallpaper I finally settled on has an open, soft, water color, floral pattern of blues and greys on a fresh white background.  And I’m so excited to see it go up on the walls next week!

Well, that’s about it for laundryroom plans.  Our week last week was also turned upside down by the arrival of a sweet lost kitten that we’ve named Miss T, pronounced Misty.  It’s a long, roller coaster ride of a story that probably needs it’s own blog post!

I wanted to encourage y’all to go visit the One Room Challenge  blog and check out the other amazing guest participants and the super talented featured participants!  Kudos to our host Linda Weinstein and to Better Homes and Gardens for their wisdom in pausing week 5 and for hosting and sponsoring the One Room Challenge!

One Room Challenge

Thank you friends for following along on our journey! Please be safe and wishing you all peace, love, validation, and hope for a better future for everyone!

As always, so much love from Mum and me, oxo

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