Making Laundry Pretty Again – One Room Challenge Spring 2020 Week 7

Hey there gorgeous!

Hey there friends!

We hope your week has been full of only good things!

We are in the final stretch! And y’all!  We did it! We finally got the wallpaper up in the laundryroom!

How pretty this is! New wallpaper in fresh blue and white!

AND the cupboards are all fresh and white with new paint! Its looking so different than before!

How bright it is! 3 coats of fresh white paint!

Our little laundryroom has taken on a fresh, new attitude!

Just a reminder of the laundryroom before.

I’m so glad I paused when the original plan just didn’t feel right and went with my gut on tweaking the path to find plan B.

The new wallpaper is beautiful in here and it’s just the perfect scale and print for this small, but Oh So necessary room!

The fresh white paint on the cupboards just glows, chasing out any shadows that may have been there before. We are delighted with how it’s come along!

I have a couple of time, money and energy saving tips to share:

Tip #1.When painting cabinets, I paint the inside backs and sides first, let them dry and then hang them back up. Then I paint the fronts while they are hanging. This saves the fronts from getting marred or scratched during rehang.  Rehanging is the hardest part of painting cabinets for us.  The doors can be heavy and we tend to drop them or slide them while trying to get the screws in the hinges. Also they’re not laying around the house for a couple of days waiting to dry, because they are up and drying.  This little tip works well for us and saves us time and effort.

Tip #2: When I want to get the most out of an expensive wallpaper, I look for one that can be hung horizontally.  It saves on the amount of repeat waste. What do I mean?  Generally speaking, the pattern in wallpaper repeats every 18 to 24 inches, so each time you apply vertically you will lose 18 to 24 inches of usable length.  When its hung horizontally you have fewer rows and far less loss.  Fewer rows means less time too!  And like the wallpaper we used this time, it looks fabulous horizontal! In fact, if I hadn’t told you, I don’t think you would know the difference!

We still have a list of “to do’s” to finish for next week:

• Paint the clothes hanging rod and bracket. Paint the shelf/brackets above the washer and dryer. Paint the trim.

•Hang the rod, shelves and trim.

•Put new knobs and switch covers on.

•Bring out the pretty stuff and commence final staging!

Another view of how different it looks in here already.

Friends it’s amazing the difference a week and a lot of hard work and love can make, and we have one week left for this 8 week challenge! This weekend my goal is to get all the painting projects done.  Then we can move on to the fun stuff and pulling it all together!

Please, please, y’all go visit the One Room Challenge  blog and check out the other AH MAY ZING guest participants and the super talented featured participants!

One Room Challenge

Special thanks to our host Linda Weinstein and to Better Homes and Gardens for their generosity and support in hosting and sponsoring the One Room Challenge!

Thank you friends for following along on our decor stories! We wish you health, and safety for you and yours!

Much love from Mum and me, oxo

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