Making Laundry Pretty Again – One Room Challenge Spring 2020 REVEAL Week 8

Pink hydrangeas in a pretty little old flower pot.

Its here!  Week 8 of the spring One Room Challenge! Y’all I can hardly believe its reveal day already!  Actually I’m a little late with posting as usual, but the headache I had yesterday afternoon was a signal that I needed to rest.  I’m feeling much better today, the projects are all done, and the photos are all edited so here we go!

First I’d like to say that although we are so happy with our new laundryroom and hallway, I know that the changes we made were very simple and super easy. There were no walls taken down, and we didn’t build anything, or do any complicated math to complete the project, but this super simple, easy DIY makeover has made a huge difference to us!

How beautifully bright and light our spaces are now!

Painting the walls and built in cupboards in the same fresh white updated, elevated and made the whole space feel brighter and lighter!

Wrapping the pretty blue and white floral wallpaper around the upper part of the wall helped add visual height and width, making this little room feel bigger!

One long shelf replaced the two small shelves that were here previously.

Instead of two small shelves, we added one long shelf across the backs of the washer and dryer.  This helped with decluttering and unifying this space.

Beautiful and functional glass storage jars.

I’ve always loved the look and feel of  glass storage for detergent and laundry supplies. These beautiful yet super affordable Anchor Hocking cookie jars that we found at Walmart were just perfect for our laundry pods, Oxy Clean and Borax.

A basket tray to organize our dryer sheets and laundry sundries.

We added a simple basket tray to hold our dryer sheets and Downey scent beads.  I love the texture and warmth it adds while keeping our things organized.

I thrifted this mirror a couple of years ago. It’s just perfect in here

We added a small round mirror to the side wall.  I love how it reflects the light and mums beautiful collection of drawings.

Two beautiful drawings from mums private collection.

The hallway is much more simple!  The whole family wooshes through this hallway several times a day, so I wanted to keep the decor light and uncluttered.

Mum has a collection of art and drawings that shes collected over the years. I chose two drawings of beautiful girls that were drawn by a man that was at that time a prisoner. He was an addict with HIV and he was living behind bars, but he was so talented, and he used his time to draw! He was able to sell his art through an agent at flea markets and outdoor art shows. Mum really loved his drawings and how tenderly they are drawn.  I love their story and how beautiful they look in our fresh new hallway!

Our art in the hallway has memories and history for us.

At the other end of the hallway near the entry I added this watercolor painting I purchased in 2003 directly from the artist on a street in St Petersburg Russia. It’s a memory of a wonderful trip, and a beautiful bridge in a lovely city!

New pretty brushed nickel knobs

The finishing touches of brushed nickel switch plates and knobs are like jewelry!

IMG_20200626_121319_245Our purchases for this project were minimal. 2 gallons of white paint, 1 roll of wallpaper, 3 trim boards, 5 switch plates, 1 gallon cookie jar, 2 -1/2 gallon cookie jars and 1 weighted dispenser box for the dryer sheets.  We already had the knobs, shelf board and we shopped the house for accessories.

IMG_20200626_122625_774I thought about adding a rug or two, but I’m liking the lighter, uncomplicated feel we have created in here now.

For me this Challenge has been more difficult than usual.  The world events surrounding us has caused even more anxiety and depression for me, just like it has for so many others that live with mental health challenges.  But all in all its turned out so well!  I’m so proud of  the work we did! It was totally worth staying with the project and keeping it going through all the storms!

Here’s a couple of before and after photos:

 Before and after laundryroom.

Before and after hallway.

Finding the perfect wallpaper made the whole project fall right into place!

Well that’s all she wrote! Or at least it is for now! I am so grateful to the One Room Challenge  team and very special thanks to our host Linda Weinstein for creating and hosting, and to Better Homes and Gardens for their gracious support in sponsoring the One Room Challenge!

One Room Challenge

And friends I’m so excited about the reveals of the other guest participants! And the featured designers!  They are all so absolutely amazing! Just gorgeous rooms by some super talented people, so be sure you head over to the One Room Challenge blog and check them out!

We appreciate you all so much more than we can put into words! Thank you for coming with us on our decor adventures!

Please stay safe and well!

Love from Mum and me, oxo



6 thoughts on “Making Laundry Pretty Again – One Room Challenge Spring 2020 REVEAL Week 8

  1. Oh my goodness, Marianne! Once again, your vision and execution were spot on! I love that wallpaper and boy, what a difference the white paint made. Simply perfect. 💙 Kim @beneaththeoaksandivy

  2. What a lovely functional space! Love the white paint , wall paper and that long shelf. You must love it!

    1. What a wonderful compliment! I apologize for being so late to respond. Please forgive me.
      Thank you so much! Yes! We are loving the light bright organized space now!💙

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