New Pair of Wings~Kitchen Family Room Update~One Room Challenge Fall 2020

Our beautiful York Wallpaper that will be going in the entryway.

I’m late! And still trying to catch my breath! But I have a very good reason why I’m late! It’s because everything got changed up in a most awesome way at the last minute!

You see we were just going to put up some board and batten, paint some walls, use a little wallpaper accent, do some easy makeover projects on a couple of furniture pieces and bring in a lot of baskets and wicker and blue and white, which would have kept us busy enough for 6 weeks, but mum decided that she wants to put in new kitchen counter tops and repaint the cupboards too! So you see, everything got a little more complex and a whooole lot more work to fit into 6 weeks too! Which meant planning and choosing and making sure we have what we need to complete all that work! So that’s why I’m late!

Well technically its 5 weeks because this is week 1 of the 6 week One Room Challenge for fall 2020 and many thanks to Linda the talented and generous creator of the One Room Challenge and the official media sponsor of this event Better Homes and Gardens! I am so very happy and grateful to be able to be a guest participant of the ORC once again to!

And I’m so excited to say that instead of this just being an introductory week for showing you our plans and story board, mum and I actually have completed one of the board and batten projects in the family room, which adjoins the kitchen so its like one big open room. Its not painted yet, but its already made a big difference in how this room looks and feels!

Before board and batten….
After board and batten!

We’re also giving our entry way an update. It leads to and can be seen from the kitchen/family room area, and it needs some tlc too. We’re planning board and batten and a little wallpaper in the entry area.

Chipping paint and ugly outdated tile.

In the kitchen, the cabinets have been needing a touch up for awhile. We’ve had some chipping and dings and we’ve been thinking we’d like to freshen up the cabinet color too. The couters are 30 years old with that ugly old offwhitepinkishgreyish tile with huge dark grout lines that was popular back in the day. Its super thick and though we’ve taken out and replaced the same kind of tile before, I just know there are hidden issues just waiting to present themselves, so demo day should be all kinds of fun! (insert eye roll here)

So far it looks like mum and I can do the work ourselves, so its all DIY. It’ll be like torture to go without a kitchen for a week or two, but we’ve done it before, it was just a long time ago, and we’re old and set in our ways now, so that should be super interesting too, but totally worth it in the end!

Anywho, I’m trying to get to know a new editor here in WordPress land, and I still haven’t figured out how to use it, so I’ll share more photos of our plans and progress next week once I get it all figured out.

Thank you so much for being here! I hope this post finds you all safe and well! Take care until next time!

Much love from mum and M oxo

One Room Challenge Guest Participant.

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