New Pair of Wings~Kitchen Family Room Update~One Room Challenge Fall 2020~Week 2

Love the textures and tones of baskets and some fabric that looks like wicker!

Welcome! Its week 2 of the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge and mum and I have been literally tearing things up! But first, I promised to share more about our plans and projects this week so here we go!

I’ve always loved Ralph Lauren’s gorgeous, lush. Vintage, tradition style and I’m also so inspired by the serene coastal simplicity of Serena and Lily, both beautiful but one is almost maximalist and the other almost minimalist, so finding a way to blend the two styles is how we’re rolling these days: Were using wicker, baskets, lots of white, blue, pretty light florals and old comfy leather.

We found a well made, but in need of TLC, wicker armoire free on Craigslist. We’ve already started prettying up on the outside and we have a few ideas to pretty up the inside too. We’re bringing in a few thrifted baskets that we already have and I even found some fabric that looks like wicker too!

Our plan is for simple, serene, white cabinets, counters, backplash, walls, trim, and board and batten. So the baskets, wicker and fabrics will add in some beautiful color, natural texture and warmth.

We rescued this free roadside wicker piece from craigslist last month and we’re giving it a good cleaning and a pretty new makeover.

Mum and I were pretty frugal on most of the supplies for this project. We found some beautiful 12×24 ceramic tiles at .99 cents sq ft that we’re using for the counter tops and we already had a small stockpile of white subway tiles for the backsplash. We also already had cement board and waterproofing materials from previous projects, so that saved us a lot of money and we get to make a little more space in the garage too. We did splurge on a gorgeous blingy new stainless steel sink. We really, really, wanted a white sink, but the nice ones were cast iron, weighed over 100 lbs and were way too heavy for us to manage, so thats why we chose the lighter, 30 lb stainless version.

Our new sink will be so blingy and gorgeous!

This week was all about demo and prep work. We took out the old counters with hammers, chisels and a steel rod to lift and breakup the 2 inch concrete bed. We found chicken wire under the tiles that went all the way up under the backsplash, so we improvised and used the steel rod to lift up under the cement bed and break it up. Then when the mortar and cement were “softened up”, we manually tore the chicken wire out one big pull and several hammer whacks at a time!

Breaking up the old counters is hard to do, but so worth it!

There was a lot of dust and debris, and the whole house will need a good deep clean when we’re done!

We’re currently still in prep mode. Getting the waterproofing and cement board laid, and repairing holes in the drywall backsplash. We’re both so tired, and though we really want to be done, I keep encouraging mum to take her time, rest often, and drink gatorade, because she’s super talented and in her late 70s, and its the process and the quality she builds in that will make it turn out beautiful in the end.

Dear friends, if you haven’t already, please go check out the One Room Challenge fall 2020 featured designers and the over 200 talented guest participants! Y’all there is so much gorgeous and inspiring decor! Im just blown away by the creativity and talent! Also, I want to express so much gratitude to Linda our generous creator of the One Room Challenge and her official media sponsor of this event Better Homes and Gardens! I am so, so happy and honored to be a guest participant of the ORC!

Thank you so much for following along on our DIY adventures! Take care and stay safe!

Much love from Mum and M oxo

One Room Challenge Guest Participant.

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