New Pair of Wings One Room Challenge Week 4- Family Room and Kitchen Makeover

Mums crazy jungle nasturtiums!  I’ve never seen nasturtiums this big and tall! They’re almost as tall as the big pot!

Hello and happy Sunday friends!  Its our pleasure and privilege to join in for week 4 of the spring 2019 ORC One Room Challenge, partnered by Better Homes and Gardens, as guest participants. Friends,  I’ve been stalking the other guest participants and featured designers, and theres some amazingly beautiful projects coming together on Linda’s blog!! Be sure to go check them out!

One Room Challenge Guest Participant

For week 4, in spite of some more delays and challenges I’m so proud that to say, I’ve actually accomplished something this week!  So YAYY!!

The week started out great! Being back home, beautiful weather and feeling good! After visiting a couple of lumber liquidators stores, I found and brought home the unfinished wood flooring I needed to make a large cutting board for the kitchen island. It’s super rough, unfinished builders utility grade, red oak flooring and it was the perfect budget price at $99 sq ft! And starting tonight glueing and cutting the pieces into an XXlarge cutting board will be my job for the next two days, but I’m up for doing a big puzzle and I’m  looking forward to seeing how it comes out!

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Builders Utility Grade red oak flooring from Lumber Liquidators.

On Wednesday I woke up with a cold! Yeah it’s a bummer, but it was a beautiful 90° degree day and we stayed home deciding to clean the rugs only to discover that our 30 year old elderly AC/heating unit was dying.  Its early in the season, so the AC guys were out early the next morning letting us, oh so cheerfully know, that we needed new EVERYTHING at a cost of $15K!! Ugh!! And so many details and choices to make about brands and efficiencies and financing, I think Mums brain might actually have flipped over a couple of times that afternoon!  Poor sweet mum!

3×5 rug from Safavieh’s Evoke collection.

Anywho, back to the fun stuff!  Our new rug for the kitchen has arrived! And it’s just perfect at 3×5! Its light and bright and so pretty in the kitchen! It’s from Amazon, Safavieh’s Madison collection, the same brand as our larger rug, but a different pattern, because I love a collected feel and these Safavieh rugs are beautiful, good quality rugs, that will accent our home well.

Pretty blue and white vintage tile print wallpaper.

After a couple of years of loving the gorgeous cement tile I’ve been seeing in so many new kitchens, I’ve had an idea to use vintage tile print, wallpaper as a backsplash and I finally found the perfect blue and white tile pattern to bring in some color and warmth to the kitchen, without being too busy and taking away from our light bright kitchen. It was a new to me pattern that I found on Amazon Prime just this week, so I was delighted that it came with free 2 day shipping and it was less than $25!  I can’t wait to meet it in person!

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Truthfully, after the 15K AC cost, it feels like spending any money at all is wrong, but the cost for all these projects was less than $90, so I’m feeling not too guilty about the expense.

As a recap, although no projects are actually completed as yet,  I’m looking forward to doubling down, hunkering in, and getting er done this week!  Having the wood, rug and fabrics together makes me see it come alive and I love it when you can see the ideas in your head start coming together and the plans all start making sense as a whole!

Its 7 PM ish where we are, so I’m off to set up my work table and start glueing boards together!

Thank you all so much for joining us on our DIY and decor challenges!  Have a great week to come and keep doing all the good things my friends!

Much love from Mum and M,




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