New Pair of Wings One Room Challenge Week 5- Family Room and Kitchen Makeover

This beautiful Oregon beach is one of my favorite places. These beautiful sky, sea, driftwood, sand and beachy green colors are my favorites too.


Hello!! Oh my goodness y’all this week has been a doozy!  Three days of work wasted while the HVAC installers made a complete circus of the install.  They tried to keep from doing the work to run the new wiring they were contractually obligated to install, and switched some of the circuit breakers around instead, so when they hooked up the new AC it blew the circuit out, almost burning our house down and almost electrocuting the guy installing the AC!  These guys of course did not let their bosses know what had happened, so when the follow up crew came to finish the job, they found a blown circuit box and no one with any experience to fix it, so they just packed up and left!  Prior to this we were not aware that HVAC install guys are not electricians.  They just have a few small electrical jobs they’ve been trained to do related to their specific job.  We know now!

Sooo, after lots of frantic prayers, phone calls to light some fires under a few HVAC office people, and hiring a real electrician to come advise us and ultimately check their work, an HVAC manager showed up and after mum and I did our best version of mad wet hens at him, he finally got someone out to run the new wiring and finish the unstall. Only problem was now our pool pump wasn’t working!  And they blamed that on the guys that installed the pool equipment 25 years ago! OH MY DOG!!  UGH!!!

Thank the Lord, our new super hero the electrician came as arranged to check their work.  He said they hadn’t wired back in the pool equipment, and that the quad breaker they installed was actually too small for our home, so he went and purchased and installed a larger capacity new $36 quad breaker and hooked up all the wires correctly, got everything working, and only charged us $213 for the whole job!  Yall if he wasn’t already married he would be Mr. M!!

We are so thankful that our prayers were answered and that God sent us a hero in the form of this honest hardworking man!  He completely saved our home and our lives, because I am telling you, we felt totally helpless, confused, lied to and my friends, HVAC installers are scary, scary people!

Anywho, so so so much stress and so much lost time meant not much more than the huge counter sized cutting board got worked on this week, but it’s all glued and cut and almost done, just some sanding and finishing left to do, which means the fabric jobs including the old leather chair seat covers, and the barstools are getting stained and new seat covers also.  The beautiful blue tile wallpaper is here and it’ll be going up on the backsplash and some other pretty new beachy decor tweaks are coming in too!

The beach is our happy place and we may need vacation here soon!

Mum and I mostly took today off, for a mental health day. Prime binging and delivery food all afternoon! So we’re almost completely recovered looking forward to next week and the end of HVAC and electrical drama and getting on with everyday life.  Right now making chair covers and doing laundry sounds like heaven!

Be sure to stop by and check out the other guest participants and featured designers for week 5 of this years spring challenge!

Take care everyone thank you so much for stopping by and following us on our life and decor adventures!  Have a great week friends!

Much love from Mum and M, oxo




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