Making Laundry Pretty Again- One Room Challenge Spring 2020 Week 1

Mum’s beautiful white clematis

Hey there beautiful people! This year has been one wild ride so far hasn’t it?! Everything is a little upside down and our routines are off, so this springs One Room Challenge is something I’ve been especially looking forward too! A lot of fun, and a little bit of normal in an upside down life. Thank you so much Linda and Better Homes and Gardens for hosting the Featured Participants and for so graciously letting all of us Guest Participants to link up and play along!

One Room Challenge hosted by Linda at Calling It Home Blog.

This spring it’s a little different, due to the pandemic we’re starting a little later than usual and we have 8 weeks this time to complete the challenge, which will be a blessing for finding resources and those working around home school and work schedules. For us two old ladies, who are slow and turtle like, the extra 2 weeks will definitely help to get everything finished at a calm steady pace!

You’ve probably already guessed that we’re making over our laundry room. We live in a small house and our laundry room is also very small. Our back hallway is L shaped with a small built in storage space right in the corner of the L, and since the hall and laundry are so closely connected and both in need of brightening up, we’re giving them both a spruce up! AND If time and energy allow I might even do a little refresh on my bathroom, which is also off the hallway. I hope I haven’t confused y’all. It’s basically a laundry/hallway/bathroom makeover!

Here’s some before pictures.

Laundry room before
Laundry room before
Hallway built in storage before

As you can see its all basic circa 1989 builder grade still.

We got a great start this week by painting the grey hallway walls a beautiful fresh white. The little dark hallway feels so much brighter and bigger!

The power of paint! Hallway going from grey to fresh white!

I’ve been able to resource almost everything we need without leaving home. Paint and wallpaper delivered from Amazon, and some vintage fabric purchased on ebay.

I’ll share all the pretty details with you next week and I’ve got that storage unit in my sights for the next project! I can’t wait to see how it looks with a fresh coat of paint!

Thank you all for following along on our decor adventures. Until next time, stay well and safe my friends!

Much love from Mum and me💙

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