Easy DIY and Great Gift Idea: Making Old Candles New Again!

Hand painted candles add a beautiful glow!

I just love candles and their beautiful romantic glow!  Really pretty ones can be hard to find and kind of expensive when you do find them though.

So pretty and a custom look too!!

Probably just like you, I’m a thrift store and clearance aisle stalker and I do find some candles in those spots, but they’re usually pretty picked over, kind of abused not so pretty anymore!

Wallflower candles before their makeovers!

I found these on clearance at Fed Meyer about 9 years ago, and I’ve used them a few times, but mostly just for fill, because although they smell nice, they really don’t  match our decor, so I figured I’d pull them out of the drawer and give them a new life!

I’m really loving warm metallics like gold and copper lately and we’ve got several pots of gold paint left over from other projects.  Since the gold I chose was a little cool, I just added some copper to warm it up a bit.

From the photo above, you can see the short, orange, toffee scented candles are two spiral ones and one is embossed.  I just painted all three of them gold, and then dry brushed and wiped off, some aqua chalk paint that was also left over from previous projects.  The aqua matches the colors and decor in our home well, and it helps to bring out the details on the candles, and softens the gold a little bit too!

Using dry brushed aqua chalk paint, to bring out the detail on the left candle.

For the tall blue grey candles, I just used the same gold paint and my detail brush to highlight the raised carving like detail!   Both candle sets were so easy to do, took about an hour to finish all 5, and I really love how great they turned out!

Are there any tired old candles hanging out in your cupboards that could use a makeover too??  Why not paint them, and give them a no cost, customized look  to match your homes decor, or even make a lovely personalized gift for a friend?!

Supplies needed: detail brush, small paint brush, about 1/4 cup of leftover or even new paint (we used acrylic gold craft and chalk paint), tissues to wipe off excess paint, drop cloths and about 1 hour.

4 thoughts on “Easy DIY and Great Gift Idea: Making Old Candles New Again!

  1. That’s a really good idea M. I have some old burgundy candles and I don’t really use that in my Decor. I’ll let you know if I do it❤️❤️

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