Freshen Up Your Outdoor Rooms With Slipcovers For Less!

IMG_20160421_155810When we moved a couple of years ago one of the seat cushions for our nice outdoor chairs got misplaced and we thought is was probably gone forever.  We did end up finding it and joyfully so, because I’d been shopping for a replacement and finding the right size was almost impossible, the fabric choices on ready made cushions didn’t even come close to what we wanted and the cost for replacing that one seat cushion with a mismatched one would have been $50 or more!!

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But to my delight, I did find several lines of  outdoor fabric.  UV protected all weather outdoor fabric sold by the yard and available in a beautiful rainbow of colors and patterns! In expectation of making slip covers for all the chairs I bought 10 yards of white outdoor fabric and 10 yards of some accent fabrics to make lounge cushions and covers for another set of chairs. The per yard pricing ranged from $5 to $10 and the amount we paid in total was about $120 for all this fabric to make new covers for 6 chairs and two loungers with both seat and back cushions, was a fraction of what new cushions would have been! And we got to choose our own colors and styles too!

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It was my first time ordering fabric by the yard online and I wasn’t  sure how it would all work, but I placed my order with Amazon and within a week I had the fabric and it was gorgeous!

The first things I made were new lounger cushions, using old chair cushions that I cut and pieced together then covered with the new fabric to fit our new loungers and they are so comfortable, soft and no fading even after two years in the California sun! IMG_20160419_023309

We’ve been giving our backyard a makeover this year and we painted most of our wood outdoor furniture grey and then we covered our cushions with pretty new fabric.  Since there’s so much going on in our outdoor space with the pool, fishpond and garden, we’re going with a fairly neutral palette of grey, black metals, some natural wood and white, with teal accents and just a few hints of red and gold. Its amazing what just a few simple changes like new slipcovers and paint can do to freshen up and unify a previously tired or outdated space!  20160420_174521

We still have the white fabric untouched, because since we found the lost cushion mentioned earlier, it wasn’t necessary to make a new one, but I have great plans for using that fabric this year! So stay tuned for a slip cover fest later this spring!

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