One Room Challenge Week 5 Guest Bath Makeover at New Pair of Wings

One Room Challenge sponsored by Linda at Calling It Home blog.
One Room Challenge sponsored by Linda at Calling It Home blog.

Hey Y’all! Well it’s been a tough week 5.  I had a flare up of my Valley Fever which left me super achy and exhausted for several days, so unfortunately, while I’ve been resting and waiting for this flare to pass, very little progress has been done on our “little” One Room Challenge guest bath makeover, Did I mention this was week 5 of a 6 week makeover? Eeeek!

Resting definitely has its perks though and I’ve been finding lots of beautiful inspiration, and I know all y’all understand the wonderful whirl of fabulous ideas that start getting our creative mojos running, but with less than a week to go before next Thursday, most of them will have to wait a little!

We did decide to invest in a new cordless brad nailer to help me with the trim.  I’ve been wanting one for years now and I’m so looking forward to playing with it!  It was about half the price of the ones I had been looking at all summer, it’s got really great reviews, and I was able to watch it being used on a video, which is what finally sold me on it. If it’s as awesome as I think it will be I’ll be letting you all know about where you can get one too!

Anywho, I’ve been shopping the garage and stalking Google for ideas for hanging the glass door over the shower, and I kind of sort of think I might have figured something out…. next week we’ll all find out, (including me!) if it actually works in real life and outside of my head or not!

I’ve been inspired to try some pretty mosaic tile to frame out the big mirror over the sink…..we’ll also have to see how/if that comes to life too! Lol!

I’ve been feeling much better today and the chalk paint is mixed up and ready for the sink cabinet.  I’ve pulled the new glass knobs for the little dresser, from their hiding place in the garage.  If I can get beyond the ceiling trim, I think we might be able to finish everything in good time!

Be sure to stop by Linda’s place CallingIt to check out all the ORC One Room Challenge House Beautiful designers and the 200+ other guest participants. There’s a whole lotta beauty going on over there!!

We hope everyone is having a great first week of November! Have fun and be good y’all!

Much love,

Mum and Me


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