Backyard Oasis Makeover SFD Room Challenge

Making over our backyard oasis. Pretty pool photo, so as not to frighten you with ugly photos first thing!

Hello! Today is June 1st and the start of the summer long #sfdroomchallenge, and this month I’m planning on tackling our outdoor spaces for a beautiful Backyard Oasis!  Looking at the pretty photo above you might wonder what needs to be “madeover”, but my friends there are hidden uglies just out of view of the camera frame!

Damaged faux wicker chairs getting a makeover!

Our chairs and stools are in need of major help! There are reasons why I dont like faux wicker and this is the biggest one! We’ve had these chairs less than half of the time of the cushioned cast aluminum chairs. The steel frames on the faux wicker chairs are still in great shape, but the plastic wicker on all 4 of the faux wicker chairs is totally disintegrating and falling apart!  I’ve got some ideas in mind for salvaging them and making them like new chairs again.

Stools will get a new paint color and new seat fabric!

The turquoise stools need a change and they’ve been calling out to me for a new paint color and new fabric on the seats too!

New slip covers are in the plans for these cushions!

The cushioned cast aluminum chairs are so comfy and still in great shape.  The cushions were bought for 75% off on clearance a few years ago, but I’ve never really liked the turquoise zigzag fabric.  I’ve been hoping for this makeover for awhile now, and I’ve got a 12 yard roll of outdoor fabric just waiting to become slip covers.

There are a few other ideas in the works for revamping these backyard spaces.  I’m thinking about building something with power tools even! I hope you’ll join me as I get my summer diy groove on out here by the pool!

Thank you friends for stopping by! We appreciate you all so much for joining us on our little adventures!  Y’all have a wonderful June and have fun and be good!😚

Much love Mum and M

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