Living Room Makeover For Summer


Hello friends!  I’m so sorry! In spite of my best intentions I haven’t posted a blog since this time last month, but July was a crazy ride for mum and I.  We had lots of automobile drama!   My car that was backed into by a little critter in April finally got into the body shop, but finding a reputable one is hard business and so stressful. Then I’m of course afraid to drive the rental car! Yes probably very silly but that’s just how it is! Mums truck had the right side catalytic converters stolen right out from under it while sitting in the driveway!  The first estimates for replacement were $2,500 and $3,000! Ouch!!  Of course her insurance Co wasn’t going to replace the original parts, so their estimate was $1,000. Fortunately mum found a resonable place to replace, fix and make little rebar cages to prevent theft of the converters on the other side! Yayy for honest, talented, mechanics! Then we spent the better part of a week trying to clean out the garage to fit her truck in, only to find that it’s just toooo big! Our garage isn’t long enough, so we’re doubly glad of the new rebar cages!

We’ve also both had health challenges.  Mum is just exhausted from her year of working up north on the beach house. Both of my knees have bursitis. Boy does that put a crimp in my getalong! It tends to alternate from one knee to the other though so fortunately I’ve still been able to get around.  I have started using a cane on occasion, she’s pink and pretty and she’s very supportive! Lol!

Our little old Freddy Bear

Our little old Freddy Bear has been getting weaker and more incontinent.  Her back end is very painful and weak, but we coax her outside to go potty and I give her lots of supplements to help her joints and bladder. Molly, Fritz, Itty, the koi and the cats are all doing well this summer, so we’re all hanging on together!

Anywho, y’all came to see and hear about the living room makeover, so here we go!

Fresh cool pastel colors and cream and white neutrals.

I’ve been trying hard to be more intentional about spending, and after moving all the tools and supplies back in from the beach house project, the garage is overflowing again, so I’ve been trying to just use what we already have in abundance.  No money was spent on this makeover!

Rustoleum 2x Heirloom White spray paint and new glass knobs!

One of the biggest change’s was painting this old sideboard white!  20 years ago I found it in a thrift store as a very ugly yellowish green.  I stripped the top and painted the rest black and gold.  I loved the makeover back then, but I love the fresh Rustoleum Heriloom White and the new glass knobs now! And when I pulled out the drawers for painting, the edges showed white paint underneath the black and green, so basically I’ve just taken her back to her original beauty!  This corner now feels like it gained 3 feet of space and all that was changed is paint color!

New toile fabric seat cover and pretty gold paint!

The little stool also got some new gold paint and mint toile fabric.  Doesn’t she look pretty?

Symmetrical styling and cool pastel colors.

Above the fireplace I chose this beautiful watercolor from mums collection of paintings. These little shutters got some celadon green paint and we of course needed some blue and white to finish things off!

Cozy and cool!

Below the mantle, the screen got a fresh coat of gold paint that’s a little less coppery than before and a little tassel finish.  The old leather chair got moved over here and he looks so cozy right by the fireplace.

Watery blues and greens make for a peaceful palette.

Peaceful blues and blue greens have long been my favorite colors, so these pillow covers were all from our cupboard stash, and Itty really seems to enjoy them.

Coffee table refresh

The little coffee table also got a little change up with blue and white candle sticks topped with the rose votive holders on top. They kind of look like they were meant for each other! Some capiz shell coaster and driftwood and hydrangea blossoms in this little dough bowl add to the beachy feel of this room too.

Before the makeover.

Here’s a before photo.  You can compare at how much lighter and brighter the room feels now and there are other changes I’d like to add on the other sides of this room, new lighting and painted end tables are just a couple, but that will have to wait for another day or maybe it’ll be next month’s project. I haven’t yet decided what to do for August yet.  My goal for August is a blog post a week, and I’ll be trying to keep you posted here but if you follow me on instagram, that’s where all the daily peeks show up!

Thank you so much for stopping by and following mum and I on our little adventures!  Wishing you an amazing August and lots of summer fun left to do!  Have fun and be good sweet friends!!

Much love from Mum and me!


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