Its Looking Like Spring In The Bedroom

Spring in the bedroom.

Hello friends!  Lucy the Cat, aka Goose, aka Lucy Fur is joining me today.  She’s been following me around all morning and I didn’t have the heart to chase her off, so I hope you’ll welcome my little photo bomber too.

I can’t believe that January is almost past and that we’really just a few days away from February!   I’ve been making some new changes in my bedroom this month and before the month is over I wanted to share them with you.

Little spring touches.

One of the goals I have for this year is to spend less and use more of what I already have, so for bringing in spring I shopped the house and the garage and the only truly “new” things are the little gold pitcher and the pink roses.

Less is more with simpler pillows and a lighter coverlet.  Miss Lucy’s eyes though!

It’s winter and still getting so cold at night and I’ve always disliked heavy blankets so my cozy down comforter with this light weight matelasse coverlet is the perfect combination. I discovered that the reverse side of the coverlet was more white with cream which I like much more than the cream with white, and when I turned the shams inside out, they were the same with nice finished edges too. I changed out the pink pillows for these blue floral linen and little blue velvet pillows.  I love the light bright feel the bed has now!

New sheer curtains for spring.

I also finally hung my curtains.  We trimmed the 8′ rod down to 7′ to fit the window and then attached the hangers to the wall halfway between the end of the rod and the edge of the window about 4 inches below the ceiling.  I’ve had these curtains for about 7 years.  They fit well on the smaller window they were originally bought for, but once the curtains were hung I discovered they were a little short and a little narrow for this big 6 ft window. So I pleated up the sides and using safety pins I secured the pleats and joined the curtains in the middle.  A few more tweaks and safety pins and I’m in love with how they turned out!  They have sort of a French poufy feel to them, which goes with the toile so nicely, and gives my little room a little French cottage feel.  This whole project took about an hour and a half one afternoon so it was really quick and easy to do.

No more gallery walls. A more serene curated feel with art and mirrors.

I also finally got my art and mirrors hung. I did some editing with what I had, because I wanted a more curated feel instead of the busier gallery walls that I had before.  It took a little bit of planning to figure out what I wanted to bring back in and where to put them, and I did have some extra nail holes from the tweaking process, but not too many, and I’m really happy with the pieces I chose they all have special meaning to me.  One is a rose bouquet that my mother painted for my room when I was 9, the other two pieces are a large watercolor of a serene landscape that I could just climb into and get lost in, and a pastel painting of roses that I love the colors in.

Some pink and gold bring I’m the warmth of spring.

A few little touches of gold and pink, like a new gold pitcher that I found at the thrift store, and some flower candles that I placed atop some milk glass vases and a little green bowl.  They’re too pretty to light, but they make me smile whenever I see them.

Rose candles to pretty to light, and they make me smile whenever I see them.

There are a few more projects planned for this room.  We still need to hang the sliding glass doors over the closet and I’ve got some other ideas for this space, but for today my bedroom is ready for spring!

Charlie loves the new changes too.

Just a few simple, no cost changes, and I’m so happy with the less is more, fresh, pretty, cozy simplicity my bedroom has now!

Thank you so much friends!  I’m so glad you stopped by!  For more beautiful decor, diy, recipes and home inspiration head on over to Jody and Julie’s blog The Design Twins and check out the Friday link up party thats happening every Friday!

I’m off to have a little self spa day with a new hair color and pedi.  I hope you find the time to do something special for yourself today too!  You’re worthy of every dream come true and every good thing!  Have a wonderful day my loves!

Much love,

Mum and me oxo

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