Decadent Sweet Natural Organic and Good For You!

The struggle is real my friends! We all know that too many sweets are not a good thing!  Most of us are watching our weight and trying to be healthy, and many are medically required to mind their blood sugar and keep sweets including even natural fruit under control.  Many chronic health conditions, including my disease Valley Fever, are made worse by eating sugar too!

For most of my life our family drank diet drinks and added things like saccharine, aspartame and sucralose to our food and drinks, esp to our morning coffee and iced teas.  We’ve also heard for years that these were so bad for us, but I really didn’t understand why, and I wasn’t interested in giving up my mornings flavored coffee and summers sweet tea! But mum and I have both had some health issues that started  a few years ago and we’ve been very seriously reviewing our eating habits and making wiser choices and healthier changes.

One of those changes happened when I started having an allergic reaction to corn.  Bye bye Spicy Nacho Cheese Doritos and Taco Tuesdays! (To be honest, I do take an antihistamine when we go to the movies, so that I can have popcorn and red vines, but that only happens a couple of times a year😉) You’d be surprised how many things we consume everyday that have some sort of corn or corn byproducts, including diet drinks! That research led to a serious review of other products including our sweeteners.

We were using all of the sugar free sweeteners in our daily diet and finding out the real health issues involved in consuming these chemicals that caused many people headaches and increased depression, even cancer, and one of which had been discovered while trying to make a better insecticide, just didn’t seem health smart! So we made changes, and recognizing that the calories and other potential health issues of sugar wasn’t that great for us either, we looked at the health benefits of coconut sugar, agave and Stevia. We use them all, but my favorite that I use every day now is Stevia.

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Here are some health positive Stevia facts:

  • The stevia leaves contain potassium, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B3.
  • Based on the stevia nutrition facts, it is the 10.77% fiber which helps in curing constipation and promotes proper digestion.
  • One of the benefits of stevia is that it contains a 702 ppm level of iron which can stimulate the production of hemoglobin.
  • Many Stevia based sweeteners are non-GMO, organic and naturally calorie free. And it’s sweetness doesn’t mess with your brain messages like artificial sweeteners do, so you feel satisfied with less cravings.

With all this info, we made the switch to Stevia and have loved it! There are so many good Stevia products out now and I even found some flavored stevia drops that are naturally flavored.  There are so many flavors and I chose vanilla and cinnamon vanilla for my morning coffee, and peppermint for my iced tea.  I can’t wait to try root beer, Valencia orange and caramel too! Yes they’re small bottles not like the big syrup bottles we’re used to, but since stevia is so much sweeter than sugar, they last longer too! 

Now Foods and Wisdom Natural SweetLeaf are the makers of the yummy flavored stevia drops that I use in my coffee and tea.

We’ve made several other healthy life adjustments, and though we’re still old and have health issues, we do see a change in how we feel both physically and mentally. Which is good, because all we have is each other and it’ll be good to keep us around for a lot longer!💙💙💙

Now Foods and Wisdom Natural SweetLeaf are the makers of the yummy flavored stevia drops that I use in my coffee and tea.

Affiliate links have been added to the text above for your convenience.


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