Easy DIY: Make a Table From an Old Window and a Garden Cart

Garden table made from an old window and a garden cart.
Garden table made from an old window and a garden cart.

So what do you do with an old broken window?  You make a table out of it!

Last year the little kiddos next door were into throwing rocks and of course one of our windows got broken, and we replaced the broken window with a brand new one.   It was a sliding window, and the one side was broken, but the other side was perfect, and y’all know I couldn’t let it go to the dump!

All last summer I kept trying to figure out how I could use it, but most of the ideas I came up with were pretty wobbly!  Over the winter I noticed two things, an old stump and our old garden cart sitting in the back of the yard, unused since we moved from Oregon.  There we had a half acre and we had to cart around a lot of mulch and plants and other garden stuff, but since we’ve been in this house, it’s just been sitting in the back collecting leaves and branches as they fall off of the trees.

An Old Window and an unused grden cart.
An Old Window and an unused grden cart.

I got the idea of using one of the two together with the window to make extra dining, for when we have guests. The stump was my first choice, I could just picture the window on top, some brackets on the sides of the stump to make a more secure pedestal, and four chairs all around!   But it was rotted out on the bottom! Ugh! So the cart was my second choice, but it fits on top of the cart perfectly, with no wobbling! Yayy!

Allowed just a little overhang for easy dining or a fun card game!
Allowed just a little overhang for easy dining or a fun card game!

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I also found some outdoor lights that were on clearance. They had originally been $90 but now they were $19!  The reviews were great, and I was like, “Well maybe I should try these out and see what I can do it with them!” They arrived fast on Amazon Prime a few weeks ago and I’ve just been holding onto them waiting for the perfect spot to use them.

An affiliate link was added to the text above for your convenience.

Lights make a beautiful glow!
Lights make a beautiful glow!

When I decided to try to make a table out of the cart I thought, what if I put those lights inside and the window on top, wouldn’t that be so pretty at night! It would make a beautiful glow and a pretty, romantical ambience!

We cleaned up the cart and the window, which had been sitting behind some trees just waiting for us to figure it out. I arranged the lights inside, and got it all ready for guests.  Isn’t she beautiful?! I just love the glow of the lights, around and up through the window top!

And it’s on wheels, so it’s movable! if we decide that we want to move the party over to another section of yard, and maybe set up the fire pit here, or use it as a snack or beverage cart, we can just roll the table on over!20160502_201327

I hope you like it and I hope maybe our story inspires you to use things that you already have, or that you might find, and come up with a way to upcycle them into something wonderful!

For more amazing upcycled and repurposed, ideas and inspiration head on over to my friend Gina’s place The Shabby Creek Cottage!

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