Great Summertime Outdoor Ideas and Deals

Hello Friends!  Summertime is coming and we’ve been doing a little shopping, looking for a few things to help make summer more comfortable, safe and fun!  Here are just a few of the great ideas and deals that we found:

Use 2x4 Basics to create your own outdoor and patio furniture.
Use 2×4 Basics to create your own outdoor and patio furniture.

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Can you imagine building your own 10′ farm table and benches in the morning and serving your guests in the afternoon? I love this idea for creating your own patio furniture for a lot less then buying them already made and the idea is so genius and easy to follow that anyone using the kit and their own 2×4’s, could make a picnic table and benches, coffee table or park bench at almost any length or width, depending on their own personal needs. Hopkins 2×4 Basics Picnic Table and Benches kit $73.16 and ships on Amazon Prime.  Other kits are also available.

Solar Powered Garden Wall Lantern
Solar Powered Garden Wall Lantern

The company that makes this cute wall mounted solar lantern is discontinuing this model.  I can just see this lighting up some dark corner of our yard.  Maybe even mounted on the side of our shed or on a gate, it would make such a pretty statement there! Solar Powered Garden Wall Lantern $26.85 and free shipping.

Garden Creations Umbrella Netting

With Zika virus, West Nile virus and other mosquito carried issues, we’re definitely looking for ways to keep the bugs out!  This umbrella netting is such a great idea! it fits over the top of your umbrella and then the bottom ring gets filled with water to keep it weighted down and snug!  Garden Creations Umbrella Netting $29.35 and free shipping.


40′ of battery operated, copper wire Kohree LED string lights for $8.98 and free shipping just makes me tingle all over!  The possibilities for these little sparklers is almost endless!  I made sure to get mine as fast as I could and I might just have to go back for more!

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I hope you friends have a great time making your home and outdoor rooms as fun and comfortable for summer as possible!

Have fun and be good!





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