One Room Challenge Guest Bath Makeover


Hello friends!

Most of y’all know that mum and I have been doing a lot of travel the past few months, dividing our life between home and our fixer upper beach cottage. Well, I had wanted to join the next Calling It Home One Room Challenge as a guest participant, only in all of the traveling I got stuck there instead of here at home where I could join on time and post my first week to share with y’all, so it looks like I might be too late to be official, but I thought maybe I’d just play along anyway since our guest bath is in sore need of a makeover and posting our progress every Thursday over the next six weeks would force it to be quick and finished!

ORC Guest bath makeover before awkward storage!
ORC Guest bath makeover “before” awkward storage.

We painted and added some storage to this bath when we moved in, but since it’s so small and kind of hard to find inspiration for, we sort of just use it with out turning on the lights and try to ignore it’s awkward issues.

One Room Challenge Fall 2016 guest bat makeover "before" uninspired storage.
One Room Challenge Fall 2016 guest bath makeover “before” uninspired storage.

I’m in love with navy blue and dark walls this year and we’ve gotten so many navy paint samples, trying to find the right color! We finally chose 2 favorites, and then we found a gallon of navy paint on the oops shelf at Lowes for $9 that is just sooooo close to Valpar’s Indigo Cloth, which was at the very top of our list! Score!!

We’ve also got white paint, paintable wallpaper and some pretty trim that we already have left over from other projects that we might use. We scored some pretty silk persian rugs on for an absolute steal! I found a little old chest of drawers at the thrift store for $15 that should solve most of our storage issues and lots of ideas and inspiration to help solve the awkwardness, some of which we have yet to figure out, but that’s all part of the fun!

Tomorrow we start taking down the old uninspired storage and testing some paint samples in our little bath. I cant wait to see all the other makeovers and share a little bit of the excitement and fun!

Have a great week friends! We’ll see you this Thursday with our 2 week update!





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