One Room Challenge Guest Bath Makeover Week Two

ORC One Room Challenge Guest Participant Week Two
ORC One Room Challenge Guest Participant Week Two

Hey y’all! Thank you so much for following mum and I on our guest bath makeover adventure!!

I’m so happy that Linda at Calling It Home Blog very kindly let me know that I can start linking up for week two of the ORC One Room Challenge, so we get to be official Guest Participants after all! Yayy!!

Mum and I have been brainstorming and planning.  Looking at lots of inspiration from other bloggers and instagram friends, and we found some brilliant new blogs and galleries to follow in the search.

Fox Hollow Cottage

Shannon who blogs at and instagrams @foxhollowcottage, just redid her master bath in navy and white and it’s gorgeous!! She even refinished her countertops!

Union Willow
Union Willow

One of my very first and favorite instagram ladies, Tina @unionwillow on instagram is almost finished with her master bath reno and I’ve been sooooper inspired all summer by her white shiplap, dark floors and subway tile shower! Not to mention how beautifully she accents everything!

Nora Murphy Country House
Nora Murphy Country House

We found a lovely new blog with absolutely amazing inspiration!  We loved the walls in her master bed and bath rooms!

With DIY and renos things often get worse before they can get better, and they did! The bath looks like it’s been ugly bombed, but y’all know that we had to do it!

Looks like an ugly bomb wentry off in here!
Looks like an ugly bomb went off in here!

We started by taking down the shelves and wall cabinet and then I played with paint samples. The oops paint we have is very dark with deep undertones, and the light in the bathroom makes it look almost black, the difference between the oops and our favorite Valspar color Indigo Cloth was in the teal undertones, so remembering that yellow and blue make green, I found our old lime green paint and started experimenting, and it worked you guys! It added just enough green to give it life, although I think it’ll still look darker in photos because of the lighting, but it won’t be overwhelming the small room in real life.

Paint samples and maybe a new Rorschach test!

Speaking of the light quality, there is no window in our guest bath, so the lighting in the bathroom is totally dependent on artificial sources. The three bulb light we have is still very nice, so we’ll be keeping it, but we might start using LCD bulbs to get a softer feel and save some energy and money.  I so wish we had a skylight in the budget though, we would love to have natural light in this room.

Along with the navy paint, we’ve decided to add some faux ship lap and go with a navy and white pallette. We’ve found some pretty accent inspiration, and just FYI, is having some awesome sales on rugs right now!

I think we’ll be choosing a silk navy Persian design with a cream, sage green and red pattern, like the one pictured above. It’ll be thinner so the door can slide over it (this has been a problem with some fluffy rugs we’ve tried before),  it’ll help bring in some more navy, and I love dark floors, so it’ll bring some dark to the floor too!

Thank you friends for stopping by and checking on us! Please check out our inspiration blogs and instagram friends! We know you’ll love them too!

Much love,

Mum and M




2 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Guest Bath Makeover Week Two

  1. I am loving your plans so far Marianne! It’s going to be so beautiful with the shiplap and the deep navy paint and your gorgeous rug choice. Can’t wait to see it all come together! Kari

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