One Room Challenge Guest Bath Makeover at New Pair Of Wings

One room challenge week three.

Hey Y’all! I’m so sorry! I know I’m late, it’s been a crazy week for mum and I and our little family. After the heavy storms on the coast last week, we made a quick trip up to visit the beach cottage and make sure everything was ok.  Mum was worried there might have been some wind or water damage, but when we got there the house looked really good. The neighbors said it had rained ALOT! But the sun came out in between storms so it wasn’t too bad.

The trip itself was a tremendous adventure and boy do I have a story for you guys, but that’s another post, this one is about the ORC One Room Challenge week 3!

Before we left mum and I got lots done on the faux shiplap paneling. We only stopped because we needed a little hole saw bit for the drill and it was up north at the beach cottage, and we brought it back with us along with some other supplies.  I haven’t gotten any painting done yet, which means I need to get my behindle in gear and get started! We also have wall and mirror trim to put up too, so next week is gonna be a busy week!

Pinterest  inspiration
Pinterest inspiration

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with searching for inspiration and trying to figure out how to update our lighting, what to do about the shower, another curtain or maybe try some cool barn doors?  How to add some shelves over the mirror, do I want to bring in some backsplash tile or go with reclaimed wood? Glass knobs or brushed nickel to match the fsucet? So I’ve actually decided to let go of all those decisions for this week, keep it real simple, focus on getting the paneling and painting done and let the rest figure itself out as we go along.  At least that’s what I’m trying to do!

img_20161021_235755The new rugs I found on are here and they’re beautiful! Even though they’re thin they are soooo soft and just right for the door to skim over! Don’t they look so good layered and I’m looooving the little bit of boho they bring in too!

For such a small room there are a lot of little details to work out, but we’re making our way through. hopefully I can show you some paint on the walls next week and a sneak peek at my new storage ideas.

Please stop on by Calling It Home Blog and check out all the gorgeous new designs that are happening this week! I can’t  wait to see what my fellow guests participants are up to and maybe get inspired too!

Have an awesome weekend friends!

Much love,

Mum and M


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