One Room Challenge Guest Bath Makeover Week 4 at New Pair of Wings

20161027222437546Hello friends! For some reason everything seems to have sped up this week! We had a beautiful weekend and then rain lots of it too! Mum left on Tuesday for the Beach house to work up there while I stayed home to take care of things here, but that also means I’ve been able to get lots done on our guest bath makeover for the ORC One Room Challenge hosted by Linda at Calling It Home Blog There is some amazing and beauty happening so please go over to Linda”s place and check out the other 200+ guest participants and the 20 House Beautiful designers for lots of great design ideas and inspiration!! 

For us week 4 started with painting two of the bathroom walls a deep navy.  I’m not gonna lie, it scares me a little! We’re so used to light and bright walls and I’m still debating on just painting it all white!  There ARE three new coats of white paint on the faux ship lap, and that made such a difference! The promise of white cabinets and white trim is what’s keeping the navy safe, at least for now!

img_20161027_203334We’ve been inspired by some beautiful industrial lighting, so I’ve been scouring for some metal and antique style cage shades.

img_20161027_205359We found these two shade styles (upper right on photo), and I’m still playing with them, there will be paint happening to these also, but I’m hoping that we can use these with our current light fixture and get something really pretty and updated, like the inspiration fixtures when we’re done finaggling with them.

img_20161025_102425Y’all, I was so proud of myself when I decided to take out the old medicine cabinet and replace it with a prettier, already framed one.  I’d never replaced one before and was so happy that it only involved 4 screws, the drill and a knife to separate it from the old paint.  We had purchased the newish one from Habitat For Humanity Restore several years ago and saved it till we needed it.  The old one was rusted out inside and not very pretty, the new to us cabinet is very pretty, framed, mirrored inside and out and it fits just perfectly!

img_20161027_204913Some pretty new switch plates got put on this week too so this corner is looking spiffy already!

The coming week #5 will be about framing the large mirror over the sink, trimming out the ceiling and faux ship lap, painting the cabinets and little dresser, and trying to figure out how to hang a window/door over the tub.  Although I might need to give up on that project for this time, I’m still gonna try!

Thank you friends for dropping in and checking on our progress this week! Mum and I appreciate all of you so much! Please have a great week and have fun and be good!

Much love,

Mum and Me



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