Entryway Makeover and Dining Room Refresh Week 1 and 2 New Pair of Wings

One Room Challenge Entryway redo April 2017 Before Photo

Helloooo!! Ya’ll are probably wondering where I’ve been?  Well, it’s been a rough winter and a slow spring at our house.  Mum has been working hard on the beach house. We’ve both been sick and we had a health scare with our little dog Molly.  She has been diagnosed with Hemolytic Anemia an autoimmune disease where the white blood cells attack the red blood cells.  She was very sick, but with great doctors and lots of prayer, she’s doing great and her blood counts are back up to normal!

Along with all that late last fall my anxiety issues increased, but God is so good and with lots of prayer and hope I was able to stumble upon something I’d never heard of before that changed my life. It was like I had been living in a box and some very kind person opened the lid and let me fly free!

Life is so much better and I’ve been spending the last couple of months trying to give back a little by sharing in a part time ministry work, and even though sometimes I’m beyond exhausted, I’ve loved every minute and I’m hoping to keep working at it even after the two months commitment is finished.

So this brings us to the April 2017 One Room Challenge hosted by the super talented Linda at Calling it Home.  I had so much fun doing the Fall 2016 ORC that I knew I wanted to join in again this spring.  Only I had my dates wrong and thought it started on the 15th, so I’m late to the party as usual. Oh well, better late than never, right?😉

The above photo is of our entryway as it looked a couple of months ago. I’ve been working towards this makeover and we’ve sold the plaid chair and donated much of the wall decor, so it’s almost ready for a fresh new look and with the six week challenge it’ll keep me on track to make sure it actually gets done too!

We’re going for a warm neutral feel. Natural grass cloth wallpaper and fresh white paint. Some new trim and simple serene decor.

One Room Challenge Dining room refresh April 2017 Before Photo

Since our dining room is adjacent to the entryway we’re giving it a little neutral refresh too. Some fresh paint and a few decor tweaks is all we’re planning in here, but as y’all know, that’s all you need to make things look and feel brand new!

I’m so glad y’all are here and I’m so happy to be able to join in this six week challenge! Please be sure to check out the wonderfully talented highlighted House Beautiful contestants and the other over 200 guest participants and their gorgeous makeovers too! One Room Challenge hosted by Linda at Calling It Home Blog.

One Room Challenge hosted by Linda at Calling It Home Blog.


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