One Room Challenge Entryway Makeover and Dining Room Refresh Week 6 at New Pair of Wings

One Room Challenge week 6.  A thrifted dough bowl and some geraniums and ballerina roses from the garden make a beautiful centerpiece.

Hey y’all!  We’re at the finale!  Week 6 of the ORC One Room Challenge sponsored by House Beautiful and hosted by Linda at Calling It Home blog is here!

Blue and white porcelain and pink roses were meant for each other!

The last 6 weeks have been fun but challenge is the right word friends!  I really thought that such a small space, using much of what we already had, and no major teardowns or buildups would be quick and easy, but it was neither.  There were unforeseen issues and delays. The wallpaper troubles made what should have been a half day project a long full day+ project.  Delays in shipping and lost items.  Indecision and some self doubt caused other delays, but once things really began to roll, and the projects all started to work together it got so much easier to see the finish line!

One Room Challenge Dining Room Refresh

We took every minute we could to keep working this week.  I knew that morning light was the best for this space, so last night at midnight was up chalk painting a green ceramic rose and a black wood frame white and finally after tweaking everything 59 times got to bed around 3 am.  Then this morning got up and started cutting flowers from the garden and took all the photos even before my morning tea.

One Room Challenge Entryway Makeover

We’re so happy with how it’s turned out! The shell chandelier is by far my very favorite part of this makeover! It’s just so very pretty and boho fabulous! I also just love the power of paint, and new white painted walls and classic grass cloth wallpaper really changed the whole feel of this space before the furniture and accessories came in to define it.

Grass cloth wallpaper and ballerina roses

It’s so much more brighter, simpler, and yes, I think even more classy than it was before.  For style, its a mix of a little bit pretty cottage, a little bit classy traditional, and little bit fun bohemian. Some new laid back coastal vibes have been added that go with our homes pool and garden. The whites and blues, baskets, woodtones and plants creating a flow from inside to outside.

Lovely, bright, fresh new look in our dining room

Trying hard to create on a tight budget is not easy though! Especially with the unending treasures at thtift stores and Homegoods and Amazon and well, its just hard not to give in to retail therapy isn’t it?!  But I did try very hard, so only a few things were purchased for this challenge.  Most everything we used to accessorize were things we already had.

Beautiful metal and glass hall table was transformed from a rusted roadside find.
Rusted roadside before of the hall table.

The pet friendly flokati rug was being used in another room, but it perfect for the entry way! My old hope chest we’ve been using as an entry bench was given a fresh coat of white chalk paint, and the shelf with hooks, dining set, large dresser and gold mirror were all here before.  The new to us, shell chandelier ($15), glass lamp and basket shade ($13), dough bowl ($5), blue scarf ($4), glass and silver vases ($6) and twig runner ($2) were from several thrift stores.  The beautiful grasscloth wallpaper was purchased months ago from ($33) and that black metal and glass hall table was a dirty, rusted roadside find for free, as we already had the glass, lath and paint that we finished it with.

Laid back coastal vibes create flow from room to room.

We didn’t quite finish everything we wanted to do in this space, there is trim that we plan to add around the ceiling line, and hopefully we’ll get it up this weekend, but for the ORC we decided to focus on what we had already started and finish those projects, and really folks, around our home most rooms aren’t ever “done” and the happy tweaking is pretty much never ending.

Pre owned, gifts from friends and thrifted accessories.

I’d like to find a piece for the right side of the mirror, but it’s possible we already have some thing around our home that will be perfect and I just haven’t re-found it yet!

The puppies love the wool flokati rug and it’s so easy to wash and dry too!

Please stop on over at Calling It Home blog and check out the amazing makeovers of the House Beautiful sponsored designers and the gorgeous talents of the other 200+ guest participants too!  I’m already looking forward to this falls ORC challenge in October and I’m thinking of redoing my bedroom, or maybe the office, or an oit side room? Hmmmmm…….the possibilities are so fun!

Dining room refresh morning light and fresh flowers

Thank you all soooo much for stoping by and following along on our challenges and journies!  I’ve got some new dress and shoe ideas for summer and I’ve been wanting to fix our old faux wicker outdoor chairs that have decided to disintegrate, so I’ll be seeing you all here on the blog very soon!

Take care friends!  Have fun and be good as my poppa would say!

Much love from mum and M!

One Room Challenge hosted by Linda at Calling It Home Blog

6 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Entryway Makeover and Dining Room Refresh Week 6 at New Pair of Wings

  1. Oh M! It is all so beautiful! Your creativity and ability to transform things into what you want/need is so inspiring! I the chandelier-it is boho perfection! I wish so badly that we lived close! I would love to visit in person & see your amazing garden. All of you flower cuttings are so pretty. And I loved seeing my artwork on display! That made my day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there sweets!! Aw! I was waiting for you to see it! I just love it! I wish you could come visit for some sweet tea and talk too! Thank you so so much! You also transform everything to be beautiful in your home too my friend! Love you my Stacy!😘


    1. Thank you so much! Its my favorite piece too! The puppies waited just long enough for me to finish my photos and then the shenanigans began! But I love that they feel comfortable in their home too.


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