One Room Challenge Entryway Makeover and Dining Room Refresh at New Pair of Wings Week 5

Grasscloth wallpaper and shell chandelier.

Hello there! Welcome to week 5 of the One Room Challenge sponsored by House Beautiful and hosted by Linda at Calling It Home blog.  It’s been a very productive week here and it’s also been super hot!

The grass cloth wallpaper was actually very easy to put up.  I watched a utube video to get me started, but our paper was I think a little different from theirs.  When I applied the glue and booked the first two sheets the glue got too dry in the 20 minutes they had suggested and the wallpaper stuck to itself.  Such a mess!  They weren’t a total loss though, I absolutely needed them to finish, so with lots extra glue and lots of prayer they went up, and it’s probably a testament to the quality of the paper that you really can’t tell which ones were the damaged ones!

Friends I’m so in love with grass cloth now that I just might put it in every room if I could! Someone told me it even hides nail holes too and I’m looking forward to testing that out!

Grasscloth wallpaper, shell chandelier. Lots of projects and styling to do, but it’s all coming together!

Remember last week I told y’all about my fabulous thrift store finds, and the beautiful shell chandelier was the most amazing thrift gift!  I was really wanting a capiz shell chandy for this room, but they were way out of my price range and finagling one seemed a little too challenging at this late date.  Again there was lots of prayer, and you have no idea my joy and disbelief at turning the corner at the Goodwill and finding this beauty! And y’all it was just $15.99!  It’s surprisingly sturdy, everything is strung on thin, strong wires.  I sooo love how pretty and flowy it is without being too formal, and to me it’s just perfect!

Capiz shell clock

I found 100, 2 inch capiz shells at a very good price on and the vendor was just amazing at getting them to me quickly.  With some hot glue, a couple of burned fingers, and an hour or so of CSI binging, they transformed our old clock into a lovely coastal treasure!

There are still curtain rods and sheers to be hung over the windows, paint and craft projects, a rusty old roadside find to clean up and paint, and lots of styling to do, but one project at time and this space is coming together so nicely!

One Room Challenge hosted by Linda at Calling It Home Blog

Please don’t forget to check out the sponsored House Beautiful contestants and the other 200+ guest participants, for lots of decor stories, inspiration and beautiful room makeovers!

Thank you friends so much for stopping by and for all your likes and comments! We hope you’re having a merry merry month of May! Take care and be good!

Much love from mum and M!


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