One Room Challenge Bedroom Makeover Week 1


Here is our design story: Blue and ivory wallpaper, empress pink chenille headboard cover, ivory and white, chinoise touches and floral and gold accents.

Hellloooo there!! Friends I’m so excited to be a guest participant again in the fall 2017 six week One Room Challenge hosted by the ever generous and talented Linda at and sponsored by House Beautiful!

When mum and I moved into our little house almost 4 years ago, the plan was for me to be in the larger of the two extra bedrooms, and use the smaller room as an office, but when it became clear that workspace for both of us would not be possible in the smaller room, I decided to go ahead and move my bedroom inot the small room, thinking that we would both have room for a desk in the larger space.  But mum decided to put a small desk in her masterbedroom instead.  So when my little cozy room got a little too cozy last summer, I decided to move back to the larger room!

Before the move! Way too much stuff!! And all those books!

So much easier said then done though!  We have umpteen thousand books and so much STUFF that needed to be moved and sorted through and with my health issues this past year the move had to wait until the right time.  And that time is now!

After the move! So much nicer and I can actually walk all the way around the bed now without banging my knees!

I’m so happy that we were able to start moving everything this past Monday and by Wednesday evening had all the furniture in their rooms and in place and all the books sorted and the moving was all done!

I knew this challenge was coming and I was hoping to be able to do this bedroom, so I started collecting wallpaper, paint, moulding, fabric and bedding during the summer.  I found the perfect blue and ivory toile floral wallpaper (on clearance), empress pink chenille fabric to cover my headboard and some pretty floral chintz print accent fabric, on my favorite  Last month the bedspread I had been stalking all year went from $90 to $40 with a 40% off coupon, so it was amazingly inexpensive!

Ive got great plans for this vintage maple upholstered swivel rocker!

I found a little vintage upholstered rocking chair at the goodwill in June for $19.  Its an interesting olive and coral toile print that they called the camo chair at the thriftstore!  I’m a little nervous about this, but my plan is to paint the fabric and wax it!  We’ll see how that comes out! 😀

No closet door! But we have plans for some glass doors on barndoor hardware to fix that problem!

I’m planning to do a tall wainscoting in white with the floral wallpaper above and maybe even add some board and batten details.  The closet on this room currently has no door, but I’ve got a couple of pretty old glass doors and some barn door hardware that should fix that problem.

The big beautiful 6 ft wide window will get some pretty vintage drapes!

We’re also using many things that we already have. Instead of two small corner windows this larger room has one big 6 foot wide window and I’ve had some really pretty vintage ivory brocade pinch pleat drapes that we’re hanging over white burnout sheers for daytime privacy. We already have the rods and hardware so this will be a free project.  And y’all know how much I love free!

The colors will be ivory and white and blue with pink and floral accents.  Some gold and chinoise touches to add sparkle!  I can see it in my head and I think it’s going to be so pretty!

Thank you dear ones for stopping by and sharing our adventures with us! We’ll see you here next week for week 2!

One Room Challenge



3 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Bedroom Makeover Week 1

    1. Yes! I love the One Room Challenges too and I’m totally feeling the stress this week. Hopefully next week will be a little easier. I need to come over and see what you’re up to too! 🙂


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