One Room Challenge Bedroom Makeover Week 2

Week 2 One Room Challenge bedroom makeover.

Hey y’all! We hope your weeks have been full of joy!

Welcome to week 2 of the fall 2017 One Room Challenge hosted by the talented and generous Linda  and sponsored by House Beautiful magazine! There is so much inspiration from the Featured designers and the guest participants are more amazing then ever this time too!

I was hoping to have the wallper up this week, but after the big move last week and some design indecision, we decided that catching up on things around the house might be best and then we could better focus on the ORC, so we’ve been winterizing our home this week.  It’s almost like spring cleaning, but we’re preparing to batten down the hatches for the cold instead of open the doors for warm spring weather. The list includes, cleaning out the gutters which weren’t too bad at all, replacing some damaged trim and calking, cleaning and storing the outdoor rugs. Inside its about purging and cleaning.  I’ve done lots of deep dusting, which means I actually move the lamps instead of just swiffering around them! Hah! Sorting through and getting rid of stuff and junk mail tucked into drawers, cleaning the carpet and uber laundry too. I guess what I’m saying is, we’ve been working, but just not on the challenge.

The other reason for taking the whole week off from the challenge is because I’ve been undecided about some of my decor plans.

I love my wallpaper!

I’m absolutely in love with my wallpaper, BUT I’m not sure about the pink headboard. I’m thinking it would be better to go with a more neutral headboard and bring in color with pillows. ALSO I’m feeling that I might like a softer pink as accent.

I’ve had this peony fabric for 20 years waiting for the perfect project.

THEN in searching through my fabric bins I found some beautiful linen weave peony fabric that I’ve had for 20 years.  It’s so softly pretty that I’ve been saving it for the perfect special project and I’m thinking maybe this is it. The blue in it is perfect, it has dusty lilacs and lavenders, no pinks though.

Should I switch to the blue?

AND the bedding I want to use also comes in a pretty grey blue that matches the blue in the wallpaper and I’m so tempted to switch things up and go with the blue.  With all this running through my head, you can see I was clearly in need of a good purge and clean to help clear my head!  Lol!

For now I’ve decided to put the fabric choices on the back burner and just keep going ahead with what I know I really want to do.  I’ve also ordered a couple of solid fabrics, a tea rose which is kind of a soft apricot pink chenille and a pale dusty lilac velvet. Who knows maybe I’ll end up using them all!

I could look at this as a wasted week for the challenge, but in looking back at it, I know that I didn’t let the goal overwhelm the journey.  I didn’t let indecision freeze me or cause me to stop, and when my intuition was telling me that everything didn’t feel quite right, I looked for new inspiration and solutions, so it wasn’t a wasted week, just a little different than planned!

Anywho, I’m still in cleaning mode and there are some fan blades that need to be cleaned and summer blankets that need switching out for warmer ones.

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing our journey! Please take care of yourselves dear ones, and as poppa would say, “Have fun and be good” friends!

Thinking about all our California neighbors affected by the wildfires and continued prayers for Las Vegas, Texas and Puerto Rico.

Much love from mum and me!

One Room Challenge

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