One Room Challenge Bedroom Makeover Week 4

One Room Challenge bedroom makeover week 4

Hello!! Welcome to week 4 of the ORC One Room Challenge hosted by the generous and talented Linda at and sponsored by the always inspiring House Beautiful magazine!  Don’t forget to drop by and check out all the gorgeous design and decor inspiration!

Friends I’m sorry I’m late to post this week, so much has been going on for mum and I this past week.  Like everyone else we have life ups and downs and some sideways too!  I posted last week about our house hunting and we spent all of Tuesday traveling and looking at possible homes.  In total, between the two trips we viewed 17 houses and the very first one was our favorite and it met all our needs, only it went into escrow with another buyer the very next day! So there ya go!

We still have a few homes sitting at the top of our list and we’ve been going over them in our heads and our prayers trying to decide if any would be just right for us.  They’re all older homes, fixer uppers, but roomy homes, with nice sized rooms and lots and some nice features.  Mum and I tend to like mature lanscaping, design character, artsy, quirky details, so some of the things we really love someone else might just want to tear out.  But no clear decisions yet, so we decided to just go ahead with the full bedroom makeover and let the wall paper and paint marathon begin!!  Designing Spaces here we come!!

I wanted to share some of my wallpaper inspiration with y’all.  Two ladies especially have been my inspiration for wall decor this year.

Kirsten has been wallpapering her home with the most beautiful wallpaper!

Kirsten has been wallpapering her home with the most beautiful wallpaper all summer and when I bought my wallpaper I totally blamed it on her! Lol! Thanks Kirsten!

Kim at stenciled her office for last springs One Room Challenge. Love how beautiful it looks!

And Kim stenciled her office walls for last springs One Room Challeng.  Her stencil and color choice were so beautifully done I thought it was wallpaper!  Just so inspiring to me to make changes in my own home!

My perfect wallpaper Beacon House Kita Song Garden in Sapphire. So beautiful, but beyond my budget limits for this project.

So I went on the hunt and found the perfect, oh so BEAUTIFUL wallpaper, but if course it was way over my tiny budget!

My budget friendly and still so pretty wallpaper choice! Thank you for always being there!

The hunt continued for several weeks and finally came through once again with two available double rolls of this pretty blue floral toile wallpaper on clearance!  I ordered 1 roll to make sure it was what I wanted, it arrived early and it was so pretty, I immediately ordered the only other available roll in existence!  But that’s OK cause that’s all I need!

I know we’ve taken a few detours away from this project the past couple of weeks, but many times that’s what life is all about, exploring your options, being open to change and not letting fear hold you back from new beginnings.

I feel energized now and I’m so ready to move ahead and get this project fully back on track and I’m so excited to see how it all turn’s out in two weeks!  That’s all we have left of this ORC!  Two weeks!  Eek!

I’ll leave you all with this thought from last weekends bible conference: Our heavenly Father never does anything that would demean or degrade us.  He only ever seeks to find ways to lift us up and honor us.  We can see his loving personality in the way Jesus treated others.  On his last night on earth Jesus took the time to teach his disciples true love -John 13:34. Their LORD, washed THEIR feet even when they didn’t offer to wash his and they certainly would not have wanted to wash each other’s feet- John 13:12-17. Love one another my friends and seek ways to use your powers to serve and uplift others even if they don’t offer to do the same for you. It’s the path to true happiness and contentment.

Thank you so much for coming along this week on our life and decor adventures!  Mum and I appreciate all your support and encouragement always!  Have fun and be good my loves!

Much love, Mum and Me oxo

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