ORC Week 3 A Little Bit Boho Outdoor Room Makeover at New Pair Of Wings

The sun is finally shining and the garden is gloriously waking up!

Hello friends! Its week three of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda from Calling It Home Blog  and I’m so thankful to be a guest participant! Have you all checked out the House Beautiful sponsored Challengers and the other 200+ guest participants yet?  Please do!  There is some breath taking creativity going on!

I do apologize, even though the weather the past two days have been beautiful, it was cold and rainy most of last week, and I’m very sorry to say that we’ve only unwinterized a few bits of furniture, but havent gotten any new projects done as yet.  We do have 80 degree weather and no rain in the forecast all next week, so hopefully the next few days will be filled with fun projects and lots of happy hours spent outside in the warm sun, and I won’t be late with my post next week! Hah!

More inspiration. I just love the blues in this room. Found  @vendomepress on instagram.

I did find some new inspiration this week.  It’s an indoor room, but I really love the blues in this room, and the warmth of the wood tones with the white.  My other inspiration rooms are mostly pink and green tones, but my love for blue usually finds it’s way in somewhere and I expect it’ll be a part of this makeover too.

The good news is that the pool is sparkling like a mini ocean and mums garden is more beautiful this year than ever!  It’s almost like its preparing for a close up!

Beautiful white clematis and geraniums with nasturtiums curling all around.

Our first project will be uncovering everything, and cleaning up from the winter storms.  Then figuring out furniture placement. I’m pretty good at eyeballing a space, but you never really know how everything will fit until you get it into place.  I expect there will be lots of editing and I might even be refinishing an old dresser we’ve been using outside for storage.  Some painting, sewing, lighting and maybe even a quick build project.  I’ve even got a fun surprise with fringe planned!

So much work to squeeze into the next 3 weeks before reveal day. Do you think we can do it? I’m excited to find out! That’s the challenge and the fun!

Thank you friends for coming over and following mum and I on our decor adventures!  It’s so much more fun to share everything with all y’all!  Hope you’re having a beautiful spring wherever you are!  Have fun and be good as my poppy would say!

Much love from mum and M  oxo

One Room Challenge Guest Participant

5 thoughts on “ORC Week 3 A Little Bit Boho Outdoor Room Makeover at New Pair Of Wings

    1. Thank you so much! Please forgive my lateness🤦‍♀️ I’m so sorry I’m so late to respond back! I love the #oneroomchallege! This time has been even more because of life and health and life! Lol! But hoping to get everything wound up in time for week 6!


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