New Pair of Wings One Room Challenge Week 2- Family Room and Kitchen Makeover


Hello friends!  This is week 2 of the ORC One Room Challenge hosted by Linda and I’m joining as a guest participant for 6 weeks of DIY and decor fun!


One Room Challenge Guest Participant

I’ve actually been traveling in New York state this week, so we haven’t been able to do a lot of work on projects this week, but I do have some new things to share with you on our plans for the weeks to come.

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Our new Evoke collection rug from

Here’s a view of our new rug from  It’s from their Evoke collection. Evoke collection.  It’s a very soft, very pretty, 8×5, ivory and royal blue pattern that we’re layering over a larger neutral tan rug.  I love how the two rugs together add texture and warmth to the family room and make it feel a little bit bigger too.

Fabrics for the leather chairs and bar stools.

I’m so in love with the textures in the fabrics we found to update the old leather chairs and barstools.


I found this wood countertop inspiration on


I have a plan to make a large countertop cutting board from unfinished flooring and Minwax stain.  It’ll cover most of the island and in my head it adds so much warmth and classic character!  I’m so excited to see how it comes to life!

Anywho, feeling a little homesick at the moment, I’m still 3 thousand miles from home, and a few more days before I can start on projects again, but next week should see some big beginnings and probably even bigger messes on our way to the finish!  So please stay tuned for so much more to come!!

Thank you so much for following along with mum and I on our DIY adventures!  Until next time, have fun and be good!

Much love from Mum and M  oxo

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